We have developed some unique and must to have handbooks , Manuals and SOPs for the schools as the ready-reference for the school management , Principals Coordinators and teachers for proper functioning of the school operations.

These documents serve dual purposes as not only to help you run your school automatically but also to prepare for some Quality Benchmarking Systems, Assessment & Accreditation in the long run.

SOP : means Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's) and it serves as a guide book involving the steps to perform any operational task or job in the school in order to ensure consistency. Schools operating through SOPs have system dependency instead of person dependency.

HANDBOOK : is a document that carries Rules & Regulations and Terms & Condition for Students, Teachers & Principal and various departments in school. This is basis to operate and define certain terms and conditions for each stakeholder and department.

MANUAL : A Manual is an instructional book, skill and competencies set document that contains information & mode of operation to perform certain tasks and handle situations of a department in school. Policies, Procedures, SOP’s, Handbooks and Manuals helps school management to AUTOMATIZE THE SCHOOL and lower downs the burden of the messy school operation.

Minimum Order is 5 books but we strongly recommend bu the whole set as these books will define practical policies feasible for YOUR SCHOOL.
The titles along with the cost is mentioned below


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