Start-Up School Consultancy

We provide a complete school project consultancy to as start-up school from conception to commissioning and for the first year of the school.

The services can be further extended for second year or can be continued for long term depending upon the requirement of the school promoter OR school management.

I. Complete Infrastructure designing & set up considering requirements of the project
II. Fixture and furniture set up
III. Sports facilities set up & landscaping suiting the school needs
IV. Safety and security measures checklist complying government compliance
V. Trust formation , affiliation and government compliances
VI. Financial projections for first four years
VII. Branding and Marketing –Admission and Branding Strategies , website to digital promotion
VIII. Handling Admission Enquiries and its analysis
IX. Admissions Counselling staff and its training
X. Recruitment of Principal and teachers
XI. Induction and training on Job profile
XII. HR system and Policies & Calendar
XIII. Complete procedural policies , handbooks , operating manuals , formats and guidelines
XIV. Principal's Induction and Training
XV. Teacher training and professional development
XVI. School environment , culture and Ethos
XVII. Accelerated and advance methods of learning
XVIII. Appraisal system and School ERP system installed and maintained throughout the year.
XIX. School academic Audit report with specified details , result analysis system
 for School ERP.

Academics & Pedagogy

  • Systematically designed curriculum supported by detailed lesson plans & Study materials so as to support teachers and students to harness desired teaching learning outcomes
  • Acclaimed & time tested teaching methodology coupled with methodology and recent pedagogy empowering teachers and students together to perform their best.
  • Integrated evaluation & analysis pattern reflecting overall scholastic and co-scholastic analysis
  • Emphasis on creating effective school leadership by continuous mentoring and
  • monitoring from experienced academicians of EduExpert team
  • Effective leadership & teachers training enriched with system training , pedagogy an recent practices in education
  • Focus on holistic development of students by providing them a multi-faceted exposure through our specially designed CCA curriculum
  • Intact communication-Regular feedback to parents about their child's/ward's education.