“Many schools are trying to improve their lot in education
And we have got a system that ensures them to achieve it!”

Empower your existing school /New school Venture to take it to the next Level

Our School management consultancy is not only limited to discussions of the situations or problems , moreover , we believe in the process of taking school promoters /owners out of the problem they are facing while encountering various challenges like , academic set up , work profile across the hierarchy , system set up infrastructure and facilities , recruitment and training etc.

We have a vision to impart quality education and provide an efficient school management solution and empower schools and preschools with proven system and support so that each school demonstrates an example of quality school education and systematic approach to meet the challenges in global education context

We mainly work with start-up school projects or as the management consultant to emerging operational schools where need based consultancy or expertise is required.

We delegate an exclusive group of senior and experienced team to visit the school regularly and closely work with the management and the principal, coordinators and teachers to study, train and manage the school on the behalf of the promoter owner in coordination with the school leadership team.


Infrastructure Support

  • Complete Infrastructure designing & set up considering requirements of the project
  • Fixture and furniture set up
  • Sports facilities set up & landscaping suiting the school needs
  • Safety and security measures checklist complying government compliance

Marketing & Branding

  • Financial Planning and revenue projections for four years
  • Admission , marketing and branding templates
  • Year Specific Marketing plan with Marketing tools and its templates
  • Digital Marketing
  • Handling Admission Enquiries and its analysis
  • Admissions Counselling Manual and kit display

SOPs (Systematic Operating Procedures) Manuals

  • Academic System and Policies
  • Evaluation System and Policies
  • Examination Cell Manual
  • Co-Curricular Activities Manual
  • External Examination , Hobbies development & Sports Activities Manual
  • Events Functions and Celebration Manual
  • Visits and Picnic Manual
  • Assembly Soft Board and Circular Manuals
  • The Principal/Academic Head' Manual
  • The Teacher's Manual
  • Parents Expectations and Policies
  • Students Discipline Policies
  • Sports Activities manual with Sports evaluation manual.

Admin Support

  • HK and Repair Maintenance Manual
  • Accounts Purchase and Stores Manual
  • Help Desk Management (School Reception)
  • Safety and Security Manual

HR Support

  • Recruitment of Principal and teachers
  • Induction and training on Job profile
  • HR system and Policies & Calendar

Other Exclusive Support

  • School ERP system installed and maintained throughout the year.
  • Hostel and Residential Life Manual
  • School ERP installation and apps for students and parents
  • Textbook set , note book and study material
  • Uniform kit and I-card
  • Sports and Hobby development program
  • Spoken English Program
  • External examination participation list apart from regular academics
  • Quarterly Audit Report of the School
  • HR training sessions for principal and teachers
  • All events/Celebrations and functions SOPs & Manuals
  • Library & Laboratory set up with list of books and equipment

Training Support

  • Principals' Induction and Training
  • Continuous teacher training and professional development
  • School environment and Ethos
  • Accelerated and advance methods of learning
  • Appraisal system and many more…..
  • We support academic staff through a range of professional development courses and Various capacity building programs
  • Training for non-Academic Team based on their work profile and job role.
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